About Us

Smithmyer's Superette was established in 1965 by brothers, Joe and Jim Smithmyer.

After being successful entrepreneurs of Smithmyer's Truck Stop located in Cresson, PA, the brothers transitioned into the grocery business.

It was in Loretto, PA (5 miles from Cresson) that the pair identified the need for a local Superette.

Over the years many changes and additions have taken place. Some of these include: in store meat department (1971), installation of gas pumps (1972), lunch time menu items (1987), and in store bakery (1990). What has not changed has been our dedication to serving our community and customers!

Today, Smithmyer's Superette is still family owned and operated.

By shopping at our store each week, you accomplish the following ten items:

  1. You keep your dollars in our local economy.
  2. You help create local jobs.
  3. You nurture our local community.
  4. You help the environment by buying locally.
  5. You invest in local ownership.
  6. You create more choice in shopping.
  7. You utilize the many years of our experience and expertise in food.
  8. You embrace what makes us different from our larger, national competitors.
  9. You make our store a destination --- and we appreciate it!
  10. Every week you will find hundreds of specials throughout our store.